Plan to Succeed!

The High School to College Guide Foundation is
committed to providing each high school student
with a High School to College Scholarship Guide
with the goal to qualify each student,
especially first-generation students,
for college admissions and scholarships!

For students in grades 8-12.

What People Are Saying

Following the High School to College Scholarship Guide, I successfully graduated with high honors, and received AP® course credit in English, history, math, and biology, totaling over 20 college credits. I also applied for scholarships with 5 universities, and I received scholarship offers with all 5, including an Ivy League. The value of those scholarships totaled more than $70,000.

Applying the High School to College Scholarship Guide, I earned 22 AP® college course credits. I was awarded admissions to 6 colleges, giving me multiple options to decide on for my higher education. I also interviewed with Harvard.

I received scholarship offers totaling over $65,000!



Learn the key factors and differentiators to build a compelling, stand-out resume and transcript throughout high school that will enable each student to properly prepare for college admissions and scholarships.


There are many types of scholarships available–sports, academic and even gifts. There are scholarships available for every type of student. We’ll let you know where to find them and how to apply.


Find out the best times to take the tests and how to prepare to succeed. We also have the 2020-2021 ACT and SAT testing schedule.


We help you prepare to apply to over 800 Schools by giving you informaton on how and when to submit your applications. Plus, we give sample essays and resumes.


Financial aid is available to assist students in need. We help you understand what FAFSA is and the requirements and the process to apply for governmental help. Aid includes loans and grants


There is over $134 billion in grants available to students. We help show you where to find these grants and how to apply for them.

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