High School to College™ Scholarship Guide

We are a Public Charity, and as such exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions made under IRC Section 170.

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Fundraising Goals

Immediate $200,000 Goal

We are seeking an initial fundraising goal of $200K. These funds will be utilized as follows:

  • Digitize the High School to College Scholarship Guide (one time cost)
  • Build online infrastructure capable of supporting millions of students nationally (one time cost)
  • This will include the Design, Programming and Launch
    Maintain Servers, Features, Subscriptions, Cloud Back-up, Etc. (ongoing annual cost)
  • Public Outreach – Increase, nurture and expand awareness to students, parents, and high school counselors (ongoing annual cost)
  • Administrative Expenses (ongoing annual cost)
  • Translate the Guide into additional languages: Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Tagalog (Filipino), Vietnamese
  • Additional languages in the future: Portuguese, Italian, French, German, etc.,

$2,000,000 Endowment Goal

We acknowledge that these funds are sacred. We pledge & promise that the principle will be conservatively overseen under our stewardship and will be held into perpetuity. This goal will be, as an example, to endow all expenses related to high school students in our home state of Utah.

$50M Endowment Goal

As we seek to enlarge, multiple & magnify our impact, our goal is to benefit all American high school students. Once the foundation infrastructure is funded, built, and deployed, we will have the economy of scale advantage. Resulting in a much lower cost per student to support annually into perpetuity.


Long-Term Vision

As part of a comprehensive solution to empowering our high school students to become future leaders, we are committed to providing Grants and Scholarships, especially to first-generation vulnerable, disadvantaged, and minority youth.


For many first-generation students, a critical missing component is a strong support system, especially for honors and AP courses. This can have a significant impact on academic performance. We envision having the resources to provide tutors for those that need them most!

Future Projects

We have many other ambitious goals… To be continued!


Future Project

In Progress


  • Create High School to College Scholarship Guide
  • High School Student Trial Test
  • Creat High School to College Guide Foundation
  • IRS 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status
  • website
  • Guide Copyright
  • Digitize the Guide
  • Translate the Guide
  • Create Online Portal for Students, Parents, & Admin
  • Fundraise for Annual Budget
  • Grants and Scholarships
  • Tutoring and Mentoring