In 2019 after years and years of attempting to help his nieces, nephews, and extended family members navigate the nuances of high school, Ed wanted to do something more. One day Ed and Sean were talking in the office about Sean’s experience with his own children. At the time, Sean’s oldest son Dax was beginning his senior year of high school, and his only daughter Kilee was beginning her junior year.

Ed and Sean had spoken often of Dax and Kilee’s successes. The hours of homework each and every night from taking several AP classes each year. The high test scores and straight A grades (funny fact: Dax and Kilee each only had one A- throughout all of high school…  For not recording practice minutes in orchestra!) That was a hard lesson learned!

Over the course of the conversation, Ed had the idea of creating a guide, template, or roadmap, based on Dax and Kilee’s real-time life experiences, that Ed could then share with his family. Something as a step-by-step resource outlining everything a high school student would need to know and do for graduation, to position themselves for college admission and scholarships.

Thus began a journey exhausting hundreds of hours over the course of the next year and a half, to research, document, catalog, track, record, edit, develop, edit again, and ultimately compile in a comprehensive easy-to-read, and understand binder.

Neither Ed or Sean nor their parents or grandparents attended college. For them, it made this pursuit even more important, the highest priority was to assist their own children and families in qualifying for college. Dax and Kilee each personally created and lived the High School to College Scholarship Guide! They are both now attending Brigham Young University, a premier private university in Utah!

Sean Henrie
Sean Henrie