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This guide has been created with the help of recent high school students. They have applied the outline of this guide, maximized their high school experience, and been admitted to and received scholarships for universities. This guide will provide you with tools to succeed in high school and position yourself for admission to, and scholarships from, the college or universities you desire to attend. This guide will emphasize the importance of preparation, parental (or social support system) involvement, organization, good habits, and judicious use of time.  

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High School is extremely important. From the beginning, it is critical to think about each class, extra-curricular activity (including sports, clubs, etc.), volunteer opportunity, & character development accomplishment. These create the ultimate final portrait of yourself, showcasing who you are when presenting to college-university admission officers. Use these tools to differentiate yourself and enhance your ability to receive entrance and scholarship offers.

This guide will help you keep organized throughout your high school years while preparing for college.  You will need to keep track of everything from test scores to your resumé.  The guide will be a one-stop system for you to keep track of your progress. You can track all your important documents and resources, particularly those that you will have to reference over and over, for the college application submission process.

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The  High School to College Scholarship Guide  will cover important information, such as:
  • A synopsis of important high school systems, terms, and definitions
  • Seasonal timelines of what must be done by you and your parents (social support system) year by year
  • An overview of testing systems, such as the different types and how & when to prepare
  • A high- level review of the types of colleges, college degrees, and other college terms  
  • Key details in the college admission & scholarship application processes
  • Additional financial aid and college funding resources
  • Influential factors in determining which college to attend
  • Spreadsheets to track your progress, store important information, and provide the necessary information when applying for college admission, scholarships, and financial aid 
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